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Wingmaster HD


The Waterfowl hunter is up when they sleep, to go out into the cold, the wind and the wet, knowing the temperature may not climb above freezing. They hunker for woodies, sprigs, and greenheads amongst the reeds and farm ponds. Remington understands how you hunt, what you hunt, and what you expect from your equipment. That's why we offer superior craftsmanship in waterfowl shotshell ammunition.

The company that redefined lethal shotgun range with Premier® Hevi-Shot® is proud to unveil the next generation of heavy-density devastation.

This hard-hitter stretches the kill zone with an ultra-tuned combination of density, shape and energy. At 12.0 grams/cc, it’s 10% denser than lead and the scientifically proven optimum density for pellet count and pattern density. Plus, its smooth, round shape delivers awesome aerodynamics and sustained payload energy. It all adds up to the most devastating patterns possible.

Wingmaster HD is also 16% softer than Premier Hevi-Shot, which makes it easier on your barrel. And it’s more responsive to chokes, allowing you to open up the pattern for close-range hunting or stretch shotgun range to its farthest reaches.

Absolutely no shotshell on the market can touch Wingmaster HD at long range. All of its revolutionary characteristics – optimized density, ultra-round shape and consistent size – come together on game with an unmatched level of deadly force. Fact is, it penetrates 40% deeper than Premier Hevi-Shot at long range and will put 60% of its pellets in a 30” circle at 60 yards. Waterfowl, turkey and varmints who think they know harm’s reach have another thing coming.

Key Features:

  • HD = Heavy Density (12.0 g/cc)
  • Proprietary composite of Tungsten-Bronze-Iron
  • Round, consistent pellets:
    • Travel straighter and longer
    • Improve long-range lethality
    • Tighter patterns
    • More even pellet distribution
  • Uniform pellet density
  • 12.0 g/cc density for optimal combination of density and pellet count
  • Softer pellets are easier on your barrel and more responsive to chokes
  • Better patterns at long and short ranges
  • Approved for waterfowl hunting by the USF&W and Canada
  • Responds to chokes; more lethal than lead
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Full Specs
GaugeIndexModelLength (in.)Pellet CountVelocity (ft./sec.)Shot OunceShot SizeOrder #
10 RW10BWingmaster HD3 1/2013001 3/4BB20459
10 RW102Wingmaster HD3 1/2013001 3/4220461
10 RW104Wingmaster HD3 1/2013001 3/4420463
12 RW12S4Wingmaster HD2 3/4013251 1/4420693
12 RW12S6Wingmaster HD2 3/4013251 1/4620695
12 RW122Wingmaster HD3014501 1/4220871
12 RW124Wingmaster HD3014501 1/4420873
12 RW126Wingmaster HD3014501 1/4620875
12 RW12M2Wingmaster HD3014501 3/8220685
12 RW12M4Wingmaster HD3014501 3/8420687
12 RW12M6Wingmaster HD3014501 3/8620689
12 RW12HMBWingmaster HD3013001 1/2BB20901
12 RW12HM2Wingmaster HD3013001 1/2220903
12 RW12HM4Wingmaster HD3013001 1/2420905
12 RW1235MBWingmaster HD3 1/2013001 3/4BB20655
12 RW1235M2Wingmaster HD3 1/2013001 3/4220657
12 RW1235M4Wingmaster HD3 1/2013001 3/4420659
12 RW1235M6Wingmaster HD3 1/2013001 3/4620921
20 RW20SM4Wingmaster HD2 3/4013001420780
20 RW20SM6Wingmaster HD2 3/4013001620784
20 RW20M4Wingmaster HD3013001 1/8420763
20 RW20M6Wingmaster HD3013001 1/8620765
12 RW12HMH4Wingmaster HD3012251 5/8420857
12 RW12HMH6Wingmaster HD3012251 5/8620861
12 RW1235HM4Wingmaster HD3 1/2012251 7/8420929
20 RW20HM4Wingmaster HD3011851 1/4428227
12 RW12VTWingmaster HD3013001 1/2T20917
12 RW1235VTWingmaster HD3 1/2013501 5/8T20919
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued
Wingmaster HD

Wingmaster HD's smooth, round pellets are extremely aerodynamic.
They are uniform in weight and true to listed shot size.

Non-toxic, 56% denser than steel and 10% denser than lead, it's the most lethal choice whatever you're shotgunning for:


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