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Congrats to Grand Prize Winner:
Doug and Jacob Wells

I recently took my 12 year old son, Jacob, on his first deer hunt. Actually, it was his first hunt ever. He has done some target shooting but this was the real thing. He was pretty excited. I’m in a wheelchair myself and hadn’t hunted in years so this was a big day for both of us. To prepare for the hunt I purchased some Remington Realtree gear from a local retailer. I bought a Realtree jacket and pants. My son got the big gift to prepare him for the hunt. I had saved up for something special and for his 12th birthday I gave him his first shotgun, an 11-87 20ga. Although he has fired a shotgun previously, he had never shot his new 11-87 before we went hunting. He has an apprentice license and was hunting beside me all day. Our morning was quiet and it seemed the deer had better things to do than drop by our stand. However, on the afternoon hunt things were different. Just as we were set in our stand a nice spike buck broke from a small group of pines stepping into Jacob’s assigned “safe to shoot” zone. I noticed the deer first and whispered to my son…”deer”…and he turned and caught sight of it. He whispered back “I see him” to which I replied “shoot.” He fired one shot from his 11-87 and hit the deer as it was moving across the small opening in the pines. Then, the deer was gone from our sight. When it was safe and the hunt was over we left the stand with our guide and went to find the buck. At first we had no luck so we congratulated my son for at least attempting the 45-50 yard shot. Then other members of our party called out they had found Jacob’s deer behind some brush. It was a clean and humane shot that brought down the deer. As you can see in the attached picture, my son and I couldn’t be happier about the day, his first introduction to hunting and shooting his Remington 11-87! A new outdoorsman and hunter has been born. Needless to say, I’m impressed with his Remington 20ga. 11-87 and how well it performed. Now, ole dad has to step up his game and get a buck next time out! The deer better be ready! Thanks for the great products and helping me make a memory with my son that will last a lifetime! Doug Wells Richmond, Virginia

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