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Wild Game Recipes

"To the generations of American hunters who have relied on Remington firearms and ammunition to provide fine sport and festive fare, the loyal employees who have made the company a name symbolic with reliable products, and all those who savor the culinary experience associated with a properly prepared game feast."

- Jim Casada 


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Recipes from 2009 

  • Barbecued Wright Duck
  • Duck Stroganoff
  • Deep Fried Turkey
  • Rabbit Pie
  • Squirrel & Biscuit Style Dumplings

Recipes from 2008

  • Goose Breast in Wine
  • Apricot Duck Appetizers
  • Turkey & Wild Rice Soup
  • Pecan Crunch Sweet Potatoes
  • Rabbit Paprika

Recipes from 2007 

  • Roasted Goose
  • Blueberry Backstrap
  • Turkey Pie
  • Black Walnut & Banana Bread
  • Wild Turkey Tenders

Recipes from 2006 

  • Goose with Sour Cream & Mushrooms
  • Rabbit Marshfield Stew
  • Chestnut-Stuffed Wild Turkey
  • Georgia Rabbit Stew
  • Fruited Squirrel